Hey, dude.  It’s 2015, no one reads blogs anymore.  We’re too caught up in instant gratification, getting our content via a single picture on Instagram or skimming a summary in our Facebook news feed.

Yes, I know.  And I don’t care.  I really don’t.  Read this, or don’t.  It’s my outlet while I attempt some creativity.

If you’re still reading, check back for some neat (I hope) things in the future: writings about traveling (I’ve been to a few places, and am going to even more); volunteering (I do some here and there, and am going to do even more); food, craft beer, live music and other hipster stuff; outdoor activities, especially when it comes to finding them in an urban setting; continuing education (because we should all strive to learn); and how to deal with major life changes (since I have more experience here than anyone should have).


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