A Seaside Town in England

Under the aqueduct
Under the causeway
Next to the rail line
Along the river Esk
The rain picks up
I pick up my pace

I approach the seaside town
I hear the crashing waves
Battering on the seawall
The rain slows, a fog envelops
The ruins of the monastery on the hill
I brush off the soggy leaves from my boots

The trees give way to cement
A salty, cold breeze greets me
I’m far away from home
The other side of an ocean
On the opposite side of England
In a town that never welcomed
Anyone I know in the world

Far away from my worries
Far away from my heartbreak
Far away from my sorrows
Under a low cloud gray sky
They fell within reach
As if to surround me with their love

The waves grow ever closer
I see them crashing over the wall
They spill onto the walkway
They danced beneath the gray sky
They wave to me, beckon me
Come closer, my American child

You are here, here is now
Let us tap on your head
Let us make you forget
All about your yesterdays
All about your troubles
At least just for today here now

Tomorrow you’re back in Newcastle
Walking along those ancient streets
Today you are in Whitby
In Whitby you can leave your troubles
Leave them with the crashing waves
Leave them with the clouds

Crossposted at medium.com/@alexalexdmv

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