The City is Dead, But We Are Alive

Seven-thirty in the morning
On a cold Saturday in November
I am leaving your apartment
That studio on the tenth floor
The first place you’ve called your own
Wearing the clothes from last night
When we went out for dinner
And a few overpriced drinks
Probably some place trendy and new
A place we couldn’t dream of last year

The streets are quiet and gray
Steam rises from a subway vent
Like a ghost it dances upward
My heart dances upward
This city is dead, but I am alive
Alive with love, with promise
The promise of a better future
A better future with you by my side
Good things happen to good people
That’s what you told me as we kissed

We shared our dreams last night
Converging from two directions
They now run parallel
Asking, begging to be joined
To complete this journey
We don’t yet know the destination
But for now we are alive in this city
This city that seems dead around us
Cold, impersonal, we all blend in
But together we stand out

Come with me now, you said
Take my hand, run through the streets

This city is dead, but we are alive

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