Friday Roundup: Stories Worth Reading

Editor’s note: each Friday I will try to share some of the best stories and poems I discovered during the week. I typically aim to challenge myself and others with a diverse range of perspectives as well as cultural understanding.

Mother’s Day (short-fiction)
Carmen Grey
A powerful short story about one woman’s experience in jail and the mindset of “taking the fall” for an abusive domestic partner.

Names (poem)
Melody Chen
The author decides to change her hard-to-pronounce name, but at what cost? Explore the ups and downs of the decision.

Know Your Hate Groups (comic)
Charis JB
A well put together comic explaining the various hate symbols and groups that we saw in Charlottesville, with a brief history of each, including the acknowledgement of a few that did not have racist origins, but have since been co-opted.

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