Freitag Solutions

Re-tooled existing website for a construction contractor to focus on the company’s shift to commercial work.

eXtensia Technologies

In the Fall of 2016, I completed a successful technical writing project for eXtensia Technologies, of Herndon, VA.  eXtensia developed a hardware device for a multinational corporation and required applicable documentation for both end users and software engineers.  During this project, I created two separate documents and optimized both to be published on corporate websites.  The first document was a user manual and troubleshooting guide, published with the Help and Manual software.  The document had to meet stringent requirements and standards from the partner, all of which were met.  The second was API documentation in an easy to navigate web-based format, created using the open-source software Slate.  Documentation was also provided to eXtensia so that further updates could be made in-house.  I remain on-call for this project as needed.

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